We successfully bring together the proper knowledge of the market, financial expertise, and integrity that are critical for success.

Tobin Properties’ Acquisitions and Development Group helps clients identify opportunities, and then provides a full suite of services to ensure that the acquisition goes through smoothly.

Specific services we offer include:

Brokerage: Acquisition of commercial real estate properties, corporate site selection, in-depth market data, real estate investment analysis and buyer/tenant representation.

Due Diligence: Management and analysis coordination of appraisals, surveys, environmental studies, geo-technical testing and inspections.  We conduct an in-depth review of deferred maintenance, tenant issues, as well as warranty review, lease review, lease abstracting, and tenant void analysis. This is critical to both manage current challenges as well as detect potential unforeseen issues.  We identify and model the subject property that is positive in the market place, as well as test upside potential through historical management analysis to determine the areas of improvement. We also conduct sensitivity studies, based on our vast knowledge and expertise in the real estate market.  These studies determine profitable pricing with variables in potential income cap rates, financing terms, market rates, leasing term assumptions and equity investments.

Financial Analysis: Tobin Properties leverages a comprehensive financial analysis coupled with our strong market knowledge to provide a sounding board for solid real estate acquisitions.  With our proven track record and industry expertise, Tobin continues to provide clients with advice in lucrative acquisitions.  We also believe in the use of joint venture equity partnerships by identifying investment opportunities which create profitability for both parties.  We know what to look for and accordingly have always assured our clients that the presentation of meticulous analysis and scenario modeling is thorough and all-in composing.

Equity: We prepare the underwriting for equity partners as well as walk the opportunity through all stages of financing. Finally, we negotiate the most favorable equity arrangements to ensure capital preservation while maximizing returns.  

Transition: Through it all we always ensure a seamless transition, be it asset management, property management, or leasing specialists.

We exceed our client’s needs by managing projects from an Owner's Perspective™ and by applying value-enhancing solutions to maximize outcomes and successes. At Tobin we rely on the one thing that doesn’t change: the need for a good set of core principles to guide our actions. These company principles that keep us focused on what’s important: the customer, our own people, keeping our integrity, and creating real value. These principles also turn the technique of our approach into our philosophy, everything we do for others, we do from the Owner's Perspective™. You're in good hands!

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