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Louis F. Granteed                                         Joe Marinari

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Our team of real estate experts take great pride in its ability to draw from past and present successes, while paving the way onward as innovative industry leaders. This “tradition of forward thinking” motivates us to stay on top of current market trends and conditions, and to communicate them to our clients in ways that are meaningful, and truly have an impact. This is just one example of how Tobin Properties puts our company’s tagline into everyday practice.

Why Choose Tobin? Below are just a few reasons to choose Tobin for your commercial leasing needs:

• Substantial Client Base

Our significant client base equates to a vast supply of commercial leasing opportunities, both for investors and business owners alike. Our ability to match people to properties is unsurpassed in the industry, and we rely on our large network of client relationships to accomplish this.

• Updated Market Trends & Conditions

We receive (and provide to our clients) readily-accessible and available, up-to-date market trend information, which is essential for calculating lease terms and projected earnings. On a local and regional level, our market expertise sets us apart, and we are happy to share that expertise with our clients.

• Property Information

We provide current information on market conditions for each client’s specific property, and keep up on changing trends in the area. Our clients can rest assured that, as the local real estate specialist, we keep our finger on the pulse of the market at all times and proactively respond to potential shifts accordingly.

• Knowledge of Various Property Types

Our leasing specialists have a thorough understand of all commercial property types and leases, including Retail, Office, Medical, and Industrial, and are well-versed in the necessary negotiations involved with each.

• Lease Negotiations

Our Senior Certified Leasing Specialists (SCLS) have negotiated millions of square feet of leases for hundreds of clients and the experience has produced a strong but fair lease form that continually benefits our clients. We educate our clients on where their space fits within the competitive marketplace and evaluate the strength of their position. We have sophisticated lease documents which cover most states and situations, and successfully define the parameters, terms, and limitations pertaining to a potential lease or lease listing. Then, we factor in the cost and downtime of replacing the tenant to determine the best terms. Commercial lease negotiations are our specialty, and we feel confident that our expertise will produce the best possible outcome in each individual scenario.

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